Introducing the blog

Dear all, I will be using this blog to talk about my experiences as an exchange student, here in Hong Kong.
I have done a little bit of travelling: Macau, Vietnam and Cambodia, but there is a lot to do in Hong Kong itself anyway. I have seen the Giant Buddah,
been on numerous hikes, seen the skyline from the highest bar in the world and eaten great food.
Eating is the most popular activity to do here, it is not just a means to get energy. Some of the highlights include: Dim Sum, which is like Chinese ‘tapas’,
so you get a lot of small dishes. There is even a Michelin star Dim Sum restaurant, which is the cheapest Michelin star restaurant in the world.
BBQ is also big here, but don’t expect burgers and sausages, they have small slices of duck or pork. Then there are some of the strangers foods: chicken feet,
duck tongues and congee, which is meat in porridge.
despite all the differences to the UK, I think that I have settled in now and have imensely enjoyed my time so far. I am also excited about all the possibilities
coming up this next semester.

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