Greetings from Montana!

I’m currently embarking on my second semester studying abroad at Montana State University. I can 100% recommend an exchange year as I’m having an incredible time here!

I’m living in the town on Bozeman, situated in the beautiful Gallatin Valley. This setting makes for spectacular views thanks to the six mountain ranges that encompass the valley. Montana has simply blown me away with how beautiful it is.

I recently spent a fantastic day at Yellowstone National Park (which is only a 2 hour drive away from campus). The scenery was simply spectacular. I saw lots of fantastic wildlife – elk, deer, bighorn sheep, a bald headed eagle and plenty of bison. At one point our car was surrounded by hundreds of bison journeying down the road, which was an unforgettable experience.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit Big Sky, which is America’s biggest ski resort (and only a 45 minute drive away). Montana is the perfect place for anyone who likes outdoor living (forget your stereotypes of Americans – Montana is a haven for those with an active lifestyle!!), with tons of opportunities for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, running and cycling within easy reach of campus.

The cultural differences between the US and England aren’t as major as some other countries, and the fact that they speak English is a big bonus. One of the main differences that has confused me is the variation between chips / fries / crisps!

The prospect of living so far away from home was both scary and exciting for me last summer as I finalised everything for my trip. Once I was in Montana I found that there was so much to do that I didn’t have time to fret about how far away from home I was! If you are unsure about applying to study abroad then I would encourage you to go for it! My experience has far surpassed my expectations. I can’t believe how fast my year abroad is going (how is it nearly Spring Break already?!). I will miss the beautiful Montana sunsets when I leave later this year.2014-09-05 18.14.40

A view of some of the Bridger mountain range

A view of some of the Bridger mountain range

Bison at Yellowstone

Bison at Yellowstone

Bozeman's beautiful sunsets

Bozeman’s beautiful sunsets

A popular hiking a running popular trail, situated 10 minutes away from campus

A popular hiking a running popular trail, situated 10 minutes away from campus

Even the view from a 'parking lot' is spectacular!

Even the view from a ‘parking lot’ is spectacular!

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