Münster: Expectations vs. Reality

Moin! I’m Jade and I am a third year undergraduate, studying Law with German at UoS. I am currently living, working, and studying in Münster, a small city in North Rhine Westphalia.

If you asked a Münsteraner (a term commonly used to describe the locals) to tell you about the city, you would probably hear the same things mentioned time and time again: churches, rain and bikes. To use a well-known saying here “Either it rains or the church bells ring. And if both occur at the same time, it’s Sunday.”

The amount of churches here is astonishing: There is pretty much one on every corner, and many of them are architecturally beautiful. On my 15 minute journey into town I pass at least 4, and one of them is the Cathedral, possibly my favourite building in the city.


I took this photo myself! Looks good enough to be a desktop wallpaper.

I feel that I need to clarify the weather here (yes, I know, typical Brit!) I can safely say that Münsters rainfall does not compare to what I am used to, although I still carry an umbrella with me wherever I go. At the moment it’s ‘chillen und grillen’  weather. When its warm and sunny, students tend to go down to the lake to barbecue and kick back with some beers. Many of my year abroad highlights involve the Aasee, including Wednesday when we spontaneously rented pedalos and had a race. 


That sunset though

Finally, something I cannot stress enough, is the cycling culture here. I am not going to say that you CAN’T survive in Münster without a bike, because the public transport is pretty good, but the further away you live, the more necessary it is. The city is built for bikes; unlike Sheffield, Münster is incredibly flat! There are cycle lanes everywhere and even separate traffic lights for cyclists. I cannot begin to describe the sheer volume of bicycles everywhere. I tried to describe it to my parents before they visited, but even they were overwhelmed by the reality of it all. I thought I would hate it at first, as I’ve never really been all that coordinated on a bike, but its really easy, and convenient, and pretty relaxing to cycle everywhere now that the weather has picked up.


Okay, so I didn’t take this one, but that is usually because I’m trying to avoid being knocked over by cyclists.

Thanks for reading! I am planning to post on here again soon, but until then feel free to follow me on Instagram where I post of lot of pictures of my day to day activities in Münster: https://instagram.com/jadebrittnie/

Bis dann!
Jade Cummings.

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