All Good Things Must Come to an End

Hola, it’s Robyn again. I last wrote about: Reflections on a Year Abroad in France and Spain

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I arrived in Salamanca in the dead of winter in January, to temperatures similar to that known in Sheffield (!), but neither is it all that long until I leave.  In fact, in less than four weeks I will be packing up my suitcase to return to the UK from my Year Abroad, bringing a close to one of the most interesting and enjoyable moments in my life so far.

The weather has very much improved; we now have the furniture out on our sun terrace and I spend every moment I can up there tanning while revising for my upcoming French exam. As I have continuous assessment for my other classes, I made sure I got all my essays out of the way early so I am not stressed out at the end of May. I’m so relieved now they’re all out of the way! Summer has arrived, along with flocks of tourists, and it is now finally deemed acceptable to go outside in a t-shirt without being scorned at for being “under-dressed” for local Spaniard standards. Although some people will still shake their head at you when you walk past in shorts.

Me at the Plaza de España, Sevilla

Me at the Plaza de España, Sevilla

I leave Salamanca on the 10th June to return home. After my last exam which is two weeks before I leave, I have made the most of this free time to visit Porto and also Madrid en route to Madrid Airport. For the amount of times I have been to Madrid Airport but never to the city itself, I must admit that I have neglected Madrid so this is long overdue.

I recently went on a trip to Sevilla and Granada in the south which was amazing, including visiting a Hammam which was by far my highlight, but the Alhambra was also incredible to walk around too! It is incredible how different the South is from the North in Spain.

Intricate ceiling at the Nasrid Palace, The Alhambra, Granada

Intricate ceiling at the Nasrid Palace, The Alhambra, Granada

I set myself a challenge, a Bucket List, during my time here and shockingly I have managed to tick-off each and every single one! I didn’t expect to actually complete it, but I feel that I have really made the most of my time here in Spain.

Being on a Year Abroad has given me the motivation to go outside and do things I wouldn’t necessarily be bothered to at home. I have to admit now that I have hardly seen much of Sheffield or even Yorkshire for that matter, despite living there for two years – I consider it to be my second home and I love it dearly, yet I spend more time in the library than exploring the region, which is a bit sad. I’d like to take some of this energy back with me to the UK to see more of my home turf, but easier said than done for a Final Year undergrad.

For the next few weeks, I will be making the most of the Spanish sunshine until I finally have to say goodbye to what has been my home this semester. Although I have enjoyed my time here immensely, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to returning home and settling back into my life in the UK with my friends and family. The Year Abroad has been incredible but home is calling!

Hasta luego,


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