Things to do in the Gold Coast

Q1 tower Surfers paradise at the top view of city

Q1 tower Surfers paradise at the top view of city

Stradbrooke island

Stradbrooke island

Currumbin Wildlife Park

So I am studying at Griffith univeristy in the Gold Coast . The Gold coast is a really nice place to study . I would recommend doing different things around the coast on the weekend if you come to Griffith Univeristy Gold Coat campus to study . It is a big place and the public transport is OK, but it is not the best . Where the University is there is a tram stop that takes you through to Surfers Paradise and then down to Broadbeach.  At BroadBeach there is a bus stop that takes you too lovely little places such as Currumbin where you can hold a Koala and take a selfie with a Kangaroo at the wildlife sanctuary. There is Currumbin rock pools where you can swim and paddle board. There is also an aboriginal centre in Currumbin  which is cool to look at the history of the Gold Coast.  Burleigh heads beach is lovely  and there is a pizza restaurant called Justin Lane you should definitely get pizza at I had the best seafood pizza there, no where else has ever topped it! There are  nature trails there too lots of people use the outdoor BBQs within them . There are busses to the theme parks Wet n Wild and Movie World are good to go to on a weekend I got a 6month pass for 89 dollars on Groupon which is worth the money considering one time entry is about 85 Dollars.

If you get a a bus to a place with a train station in the Gold Coast such as Nerang or Helensvale you can go down to dream world or white water world which are theme parks one is a water park though in the north side of the Gold Coast. There are beautiful little forests and you can go to . There is Spring brook national park, Tamborine mountain, leamington Park . Which only really accessible by car there are tours there but they cost you about 90 dollars if you can car pull there I would say head down there in your free time the tours are good but cost a lot of money . Go at night and check out the glow worms .

There is things to do on the tram line and via the bus too there is Harbour town which is one of the biggest outlet shopping centres in Australia and it has some really good things go to the stores there . There is a big nike shop, adidas shop, Ralph Lauren , UGG shop and lots more . There is Surfers Paradise beach and Main Beach to paddle board or surf at . sometimes if the water is too rough you cant go in the sea . Get a greyhound bus down to Byron some weekends too very relaxed hippy lifestyle down there nice individual cafes and bars see the dolphins and turtles kayaking if your lucky too!!

In Surfers paradise you can go on a a giant jet ski or a normal jet ski. You can go Whale watching from main beach harbour however the boat out to see the whales is very choppy ! So if you get sea sick I recommend sea sickness pills . Snorkelling is a cool thing to do there as well , there is a dive site on the border of the Gold Coast going into New South Wales I would recommend heading down there and seeing the fishes and sharks .

Stradbrooke island is another place you could go and visit sea taxis are really expensive though if you don’t get a scheduled ferry. You can take the train up to Brisbane and explore lots of things to do up there. Activities include, shopping ,Steve Urwin zoo up in Berwah an hour north of Brisbane , going to Moreton island and feeding the dolphins at Toongolooma .

There are lots more things to do on the Gold Coast I recommend this website Have a look what you can fill your weekends with. The Student village accommodation organise trips too sometimes a bit expensive however it is all organised for you . The student Guild have the occasional trips too and the freestyle chill out group have trips as well you can car pull in. Join Back packer groups on Facebook to try and get lifts with people to places as well to save on costs .


Currumbin Wildlife Park

Currumbin Wildlife Park


village ball

village ball






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