Guest post: Studying abroad – guaranteed to change your life forever

We Are Sheffield Students

This post was written by Yung-Han Cho, who writes for the Global Opportunities blog. The Global Opportunities blog features posts from University of Sheffield students studying abroad – they share their advice and experiences to encourage other students to study abroad too!

As an Englishman, I frequently discuss the subject of weather quite often. During my time at Sheffield, I have acclimatised to its sudden rains, whipping winds and chilling temperatures despite the sun shining.

Arriving in Sydney for my study abroad, I was quite shocked to find it was 17C in the middle of July. And someone said this was supposed to be winter?

Although Australia was and still is very related to Britain, it is certainly not like your average trip to another county. The first thing that struck me when I left the airport was a giant billboard for a Chinese bank. It seemed so out of place… then I saw the street, lined with Malaysian…

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