A month on since leaving paradise (Malta)

At the very start of my Erasmus exchange, the thought of writing this type of blog post seemed very realistic and I somewhat couldn’t wait for that day to come. Culture shock seriously had me feeling like I was on a rollercoaster that was never going up. However, 7 months after moving to Malta, I’ve finally sat down to reflect on my time studying abroad in what I believe is the most beautiful country in the world. I left Malta for good on the 15th June, and since then I’ve never quite been as happy as I was when I was living the mediterranean life over there.

Reflections suck, especially when you’re reflecting on something so special to you. To me, it doesn’t seem like just over a month ago I had to say goodbye to my best friends and leave the place that I’d grown to love and called home. Not only had I studied abroad, learned new skills for my degree and lived abroad, but I’d done things I’d never imagine doing and had overcome some of my fears. I went to my first beach party, went on a bus party and conquered my fear of boats and ferries.

I remember during the first couple of months, all I would think about would be returning home to England, eating fish and chips, drinking nice milk and things not being half as over priced as they were in Malta. However, in May things changed, I realised my time abroad was slowly coming to an end and I was regretting my decision not to stay for summer and try to get a job in Malta. My last week there seems like a blur, I remember everything so clearly, yet to me it feels like a dream.

I’m actually tearing up writing this, I’d do anything to return to my beautiful mediterranean island, to see all my friends together by the pool once again and to wake up happy everyday seeing the beautiful place I decided to live and study abroad at.

Daily I’m looking for flights to Malta, I’ve planned to go back for my 21st birthday later this year, and I’m hoping to move out there once I graduate next July. I’m feeling very optimistic, but I’m determined to return to Malta as soon as I can. The only thing coming between me and moving back is money and a job, but I’m going to save up and after having work published for a Maltese magazine, I have some good contacts over there for job opportunities. Next is to practice my Maltese and I’m ready to go back!

Moving from your adopted country back to your home country is a lot harder than the first time around when you move, it’s probably because you know for sure that you’ll be returning home and you’ll have a rough time period. This is different, it’s so hard not knowing when you’ll be going back and when you’ll next be able to see your friends.

Erasmus has taught me a lot, It’s proved that I am capable of moving abroad by myself and that I can cope well. I’ve definitely changed for the best, I look at life in a completely different way and I know that life outside of the UK isn’t all that bad, and isn’t just about visiting somewhere for a week. Moving abroad is something very special, you fall in love with somewhere you have nothing in common with, but as time goes by, this changes and that’s when you change as a person. How could you not fall in love with somewhere home to beautiful architecture, lovely people and has hosted a very important part of your life. This time last year, I hadn’t even considered Malta as an option, but I’m so glad my plans changed and I was able to move to Malta, it truly was the best decision of my life, one I’ll always be thankful for and there will always be a gap in my heart where my Erasmus exchange has been.

Int matt ma realizzata kit prezzjuż x’imkien huwa sakemm isir memorja. Nirringrazzjazk Malta tant, inti kont bed agwa! Tara inti darb’ohra f’xi.

English: You never realise how precious somewhere is until it becomes a memory. Thank you so much Malta, you’ve been amazing! See you again sometime.



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