Studying abroad right now? The countdown is on… (sorry)

Today, I looked back at my year abroad. Something to do with results day and looking to the future, really. Anyways, I also considered what I’ve been doing this summer. Now whilst I needed a break from uni, I felt I’d not got anything done. On second thoughts, though, I got a fair bit done. Thing is, it’s a whole lot less than I managed last summer (and in my Aussie summer). So, with that in mind, do what you can to make the most of your summer (abroad).

This post is one of two – the other will be posted on my personal blog, but this one in particular is  focussed on spending the summer right (whilst abroad). At this point, I’d finished exams a little under a month ago. Then, I’d done what any student would. Begun binge w3atching house. Well, that started during exams, but the point is, I finished all 8 series. Oh, and I’d been to Uluru on a sick trip with a load of others. Today, I think I would’ve been checking out Perth, and next week, I’d be driving a ute around the beautiful WA coastlines. In fact, I’d still be kicking about in Australia a month from now – hunting mangoes in Bowen, i think.

So, the point of this post? Well, if you’ve already relinquished your hold on your student visa in the country you’ve been studying in, then sorry, you 4missed a trick. This one’s about milking your visa for all it’s worth. I frothed my final Aussie summer – the Aussie summer was sick, but it was actually the northern hemisphere summer (now-ish), that I remember and treasure most of all. No offence to everyone I spent the first one with, mind, it’s just by break #2 I got so much more out of my independence.



33So, yeah, basically, as I’ve preached religiously, say yes to anything you’re offered. Remember that beach camping I mentioned? Last summer before I came back. That 5000km roadtrip I keep mentioning? About 11 months ago. That big rock I posed in front of? 53 weeks ago. Not believing Perth’s Pokemon Go! hype? 52 weeks ago (or thereabouts). You can cram a lot into a very small time with a little bit of planning, some savings, and a little bit of caffeine (shouts to Australian coffee and the Alarm Ultra pre I used whilst out there. Woulda got real sick of coffee otherwise…).


As I look at this summer, what I’ve found is that though I have done a good amount, I’m constantly comparing it to last year’s. In fact, I’ve found that I’m doing the same comparison for my entire uni year. Whilst Sheff is all well and good, and I couldn’t have worked for Global whilst abroad (I don’t think), I miss all the exchange opportunities that were on offer, and feel that the year itself was more memorable. This may seem ridiculously obvious, but yeah, I felt that today it was worth mentioning. So (Anthony this one’s for you), to anybody that still has a little cash and a little time left on their visa, I trust you’ll do the smart thing. Don’t save your money, go travelling and have some unforgettable experiences.

You don’t know when you’ll be back in the country you’re in – or if you’ll be back at all. So when I say don’t save your money and travel it, I’m really just echoing the best entrepreneurial advice I’ve ever heard. Don’t save your money. Invest it. In yourself.

Peace xximg_0775



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