Welcome to Sheffield

Just arrived to Sheffield for your Erasmus/Study Abroad semester? I’m no expert but having lived in Sheffield for almost 6 years, I have gradually collated a plethora of cute cafes, fun bars and favourite haunts in this pretty city.

After chatting to some Erasmus students from Austria, and writing a humongous list of things for them to, I’ve decided to share my top 20 on the blog.

Welcome to Sheffield and I really hope you fall in love with it as much as I have.

    1. Holly Hagg Alpaca Farm
      Hands down the best thing I’ve ever done in Sheffield. For only £10 you can walk an adorable Alpaca on a trek around the farm, with beautiful views. I took some friends who were visiting for the weekend and it’s fair to say they had the best time ever. Plus, it’s only in Crosspool which is a walk/bus ride away from Broomhill/Crookes.
    2. Treehouse board game cafe
      Treehouse is a really aesthetic cafe with tasty food and drinks, and over 300 board games! This is the perfect place to chill with friends. Another benefit is that the table charge is free with a student card Mon-Fri before 7pm.
    3. Upshot Espresso
      Upshot is my favourite trendy cafe. With incredibly friendly staff and gorgeous coffee, it’s the best place to meet for a coffee break between lectures. Plus, it’s really close to the Student’s Union. (Try the cinnamon buns!)
    4. Weston Park
      Weston park is too obvious to miss as a student, because it’s right next to Firth Court. It is the perfect place to take pretty photos or to have a BBQ in the summer.
    5. Film Unit
      This is a MUST for Sheffield students. The student-led cinema show weekly films in the Student Union auditorium at only £3. BYOS (bring ya own snacks)
    6. Steamyard
      Again, this lovely cafe is very close to uni. They sell delicious coffee and cakes and it is very aesthetically pleasing! Also, you nearly always see a cute dog sitting inside which is my main reason for going.
    7. Plantology
      If you’re looking for a way to make your student house feel more homey, Plantology is the place to go. It is a florist on Division Street where you can buy adorable mini succulents and cacti for approx £2
    8. Marmadukes
      Marmadukes is a really lovely cafe in the city centre, which sells refillable mugs of Yorkshire tea for £2.20 – need I say more?
    9. Botanical Gardens
      If you live in Endcliffe this is a mere 5 minute walk and is such a pretty place. You can walk around and explore inside the greenhouse. See if you can find the hidden bear.
    10. Tamper – Sellers Wheel
      Have you noticed yet that I like cafes? This is a great one for lunch. It’s a little pricey so it’s a good one to take your parents to if they come to visit. (Assuming they’re paying 😉 ) It’s based on New Zealand coffee culture, so if you’re a kiwi studying abroad – this is good place for you!
    11. The Cabin Pancake and Waffle House
      Ditto if you’re a Canadian studying abroad and feeling homesick – The Cabin is the one! I took my Canadian friend here to get her maple syrup fill. It does not disappoint.
    12. Endcliffe Park
      There’s ducks, a playground, a cafe and SO MANY DOGS EVERYWHERE. ❤
    13. The Holt
      The Holt is a bit of a hidden gem. It’s a cafe in a sort-of converted warehouse and the decor is awesome. I often come here to study when I get sick of the IC.
    14. Proove Pizza
      Proove pizzas are, in my opinion, the best pizzas in Sheffield! This cute restaurant is in Broomhill so is very useful for all the Endcliffe/Ranmoor students. It is full of interesting light-bulbs too (which is a weird thing to appreciate but I always do…)
    15. The Peak District
      Wrap up warm and get the walking boots on, the Peaks is a Sheffield-must. I normally get the bus to Fox House Pub and do the National Trust walk because it’s a really easy day out, but there are tonnes of places to explore! It’s best to find a friend with a car if you want to have a big day out, but you can get the bus or train if not.
    16. Ink and Water
      Ink and Water is a cafe that is really close to Uni, and is also a design agency so they sell cool graphicy T-shirts. If you get a loyalty card, you only need approx. 5 stamps before you get a free drink. The hot chocolate with the works is amazing.
    17. Peddler
      Peddler night market is on during the first weekend of every week and it’s basically a huge warehouse full of food stalls, craft beer, live music and artists.
      They have started doing a few which are vegetarian food only too!
    18. Birdhouse Bar Tea Bar and Kitchen
      I only came here for the first time last week, but it’s a really cool restaurant/bar/cafe which sells amazing tea and even better gin!
    19. Nottingham House 
      If you want a proper Yorkshire meal, Notty house is the place to come. With a variety of different pies (including veggie ones), you can’t go wrong.
    20. The Wick at Both Ends
      Finally, my favourite pub in Sheffield, The Wick. All dressed up in fairy lights and with amazing cocktails, most of which they set on fire, this is a great place to come for some drinks.wick

That’s it, thanks for reading! I really hope you enjoy Sheffield. If you want to see more cute places, I always post photos to my Instagram when I explore Sheffield: @marytear 

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