Having dinner in a restaurant with your lovely pet!

Have you ever tried a bus tour in London? You can look at tourist attractions of London riding a red double-decker. I have not had that tour before but I have seen lots of tour buses around London. By the way, do you know that there are double-deckers for pets? Travellers are able to visit places which are suitable for pets and go for a stroll in London!


Like this example, I guess that the UK is quite a friendly country to pets. According to the survey, the number of pets in the UK was 8,720,000 in 2015. Also, the more people regard pets as a human being, (pet humanisation) the more demands for pet foods and products. What I can feel is that a restaurant culture in the UK which is very favourable for pets.

While I am staying in the UK, one of the interesting things I found is that a sticker on the shops’ door saying allowing pets inside the shops. It is hard to accept that people accompany dogs in restaurants in my country. If you look around the UK, you can easily find these stickers on some doors of restaurants and cafes.


source: http://pembroke-castle.co.uk/pages/dogs

For instance, in Korea, it is not common that bring pets in restaurants and cafes as I said above. According to some news, there are no rules of pets’ entering in restaurants yet. Therefore, there are some arguments about allowing pets in shops among pet owners, shop owners and other customers who do not like animals.

Even in the UK, I assume that not all of the customers would welcome pets in restaurants. Depends on shops, pets are not allowed in some restaurants or customers who bring their pets can only have meals in restricted places. Though pets have to be leashed, they seem like enjoy their own time in restaurants. Moreover, pet owners care about others in order not to make others be bothered by their pets.

Whenever I have been to some restaurants in the UK, I could see pet owners who brought their dogs inside. At first, I was surprised at dogs as well as other customers who did not care about the dogs in the restaurant. I have to say that it is also not easy to find restaurants which allow pet inside in the UK but it is a fresh cultural experience for me! Still, I am not used to it that much but I have started to understand per owners mind who want to spend their time with their lovely pets. If you raise your pet, why do not you have a great time with your cute pet in restaurants which have a sticker saying allowing dogs inside?

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