Money Saving Tips for Your Time in Oz


Spending a year in Australia presented lots of wonderful opportunities and new experiences which I had not been exposed to before. Countless new places, activities and foods to try! There was no limit. But all these things cost money, and living in one of the most expensive cities in the world (Sydney) ate up the majority of it. In this post, I will let you in on some helpful hints and tips to save money and provide you with some information on handy ways to make some too.

Saving Money

Look out for deals – there is always a deal to be had no matter where you go in the world. Companies like Groupon and Gumtree are very big in Oz and are a great way to get discount goods and experiences. For $100, I bought a voucher from Groupon for SCUBA diving lessons which qualified me in open water diving, for which the RRP was over $300 dollars! Companies like Gumtree (which works a lot better in Australia) are also a great way to grab a deal. I bought a good quality mountain bike for under $50 bucks, which then provided me with another way to save money. I cycled everywhere which meant less money being spent on public transport and taxis. It also provided me with the means of travelling around national parks and nature reserves, which is a great way to see parts of Australia you wouldn’t necessarily have gone to.

Don’t rush into making big decisions about travelling – Think carefully about where you want to travel and the things you want to see. Often there will be out of season times when it is cheaper to visit popular locations. When I went to central Australia, I went in the off-peak season (height of the summer) which almost halved the cost of flights. Although I did nearly melt. Nothing a dip in a watering hole wouldn’t fix though.

Another time I saved money on transport was travelling around New Zealand. The company I went with, Kiwi Experience (would recommend highly), had sales every now and again. I got a five-week bus pass for around $700 dollars which would have normally been double that at full price.

Patience and planning are key for arranging your travels. I know it sounds boring, but you’ll save lots of money. And the money you save can be spent having an amazing time whilst you are visiting all your bucket list destinations.

Earning Some Dollar

Get a job – getting a job to earn some much-needed funds before you embark on you journey is a very good idea. Supermarket stacking, pint pouring or waiting tables. All are great ways to save up some dosh. I found myself working in a previous role I had back home at the local butcher shop. If you’ve had previous work, get in contact with your employer and ask if they have any jobs or vacancies.

Whilst I was out in Oz, I also got some promotional work with a couple of companies. This kind of work is great because you apply for the roles you want to do and can decide when you want to work. There was lots of work on offer, albeit very boring work such as standing at a bus stop for 12 hours telling people where to get the 440 bus from, it paid well. 12 hours of my time left me with $300 bucks in my back pocket. Sounds like a weekend trip to Melbourne. The companies were called Polite Promotions and MASH. This type of work also meant that I wasn’t tied down to set number of hours each week, which would restrict when I could do all the fun things I wanted to do.

 Split the Bills

I was lucky enough to have my girlfriend move to the other side of the world with me which essentially meant that all the rent for accommodation was basically halved. Now I know everyone won’t be in the same position, but speak to your friends and see if they want to come along with you for the journey of a life time. You may even meet some new friends over in your host country that you could suggest the idea to as well.

I hope this helps blog helps you guys out and you have an amazing adventure!


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